Enhancement Detail


Enhancement Detail

From £450 - Minimum 2 Days +

This service is a great basic detail. The single stage machine polish will make a huge improvement to the gloss, clarity and ‘depth’ of finish as well as reducing the appearance of light swirl marks and washing / drying inflicted marring.


Long lasting protection is then applied to every surface, ensuring that future maintenance is easier, and the vehicle looks better for longer.


Also ideal for new and used cars that require a huge improvement whilst keeping within a reasonable budget.

- Tyres & arches cleaned & degreased

- Multi stage safe wash & 2 Bucket wash

- Clay bar and fallout remover used to rid of bonded contaminants 

- 1 stage of machine polishing to correct, enhance gloss, depth of paint work and correct light swirl marks and wash marring - (Depending on paint levels and severity of imperfections some marks may not be able to be removed or corrected)

- Gyeon Prep wipe down prior to protection

- Finished with Gyeon Can Coat Quartz Coating (Upgrades Available)

- Wheel faces prepped & Coated with Gyeon Rim (Full Wheel Protection Upgrade Available) 

- Interior & Exterior glass cleaned and wiped down

- Tyres dressed

- Brightwork & Exhausts polished & sealed

- Please note ceramic sealants take longer to apply and cure so the detail will take more time. Ceramic coatings are climate specific and mustn’t get wet during curing so as a result must stay at the unit overnight

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