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Maintenance Detail

From £180 - Minimum 4 Hours +

Our maintenance detail is designed for the perfect upkeep of your vehicle in between one of our Enhancement, Protection or Correction Details . 

Consisting of a deep multi stage was and a layer of Hydrophobic spray giving a great water beading and a protective layer to an already existing ceramic coating or for vehicles with nothing protecting it....

Maintanence Detail

 Whats Involved

- Tyres & arches cleaned & degreased

- PH neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell, ​Wheels cleaned with suitable, safe products to dissolve brake dust and road grime

- Vehicle washed using two bucket method with PH neutral shampoo

- Tar spots removed with specialist product

- Iron fallout and other metallic fallout removed with specialist product

- Rinsed and re washed

- GYEON Cure or Foam spray sealant applied 

- Dried using uber plush microfibre drying towels and hot air blown


- Alloy wheels sealed with PTFE wax to aid protection from brake dust and make for easier maintaince and cleaning 

- UPGRADE - GYEON RIM - This includes the removal of the wheels to ensure every part of the wheel is sealed fully. Please note this adds ½ a day to the booking)

- Glass Clean inside & out


- Wheel arches dressed

- Tyres dressed - GYEON TIRE

- Chrome & Stainless Steel polished

- Clean door shuts

- Final Inspection

Prices are based from - This is dependant on vehicle size, condition and package/ add-ons chosen

Ceramic Wheel Coating



GYEON Q2M CURE is the ultimate maintenance product for quartz coatings, and is designed to be applied to wet or dry surfaces straight after routine washing. By depositing a slick layer of SiO2-rich polymers, GYEON Q2M CURE enhances gloss, adds hydrophobicity and imparts strong anti-static properties.

Gallery of Recent Maintanence Details
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