Jaguar F Type S - Mild Correction & GYEON Protection Detail

Flawless Detailing were contacted by the owner of this storm grey Jaguar F Type S, as he wanted to have the car brought back to better than new condition with the very best in protection. With this in mind we suggested a Mild Correction detail and GYEON Coatings. The owner took our suggestion and confirmed full exterior (2 Stage machine polish) with Coatings with the add on of full interior detail and GYEON Leather Shield.

As with all our details a rigorous multi stage wash and full decontamination process was undertaken to rid of all roadgrime, fallout, tar etc and build up of all wheel arch contaminates.

After the full wash and decontamination processes were complete, the vehicle was brought into the unit for its drying off, this includes hot air blow dry, air compressor to blow out the water traps around the car and pat drying with plush microfibre drying towels.

When all the preparation stages were completed a visual inspection of all areas of the car and Paint depth readings were taken to access previous repairs, damage and how far we could take the 2 stages of machine polishing. With the readings being of original from the factory and no previous repairs just heavy swirls and marring we went with a heavy cut of microfibre pad.

we went with a heavy cut on a microfibre pad. Koch Chemie H8 was our choice for the first cutting stage, With diminishing abrasives and no fillers to cover swirl marks and defects it's a true cutting compound.

When the first stage of polishing was done, the results were looking fantastic with 95% defect removal rate.

Onto the refining stage which was done with CarPro Essence which is a very versatile polish/primer as a base coat for ceramic coatings. Adding a base layer of SI02 for the ultimate bond to the car's surface and adding a huge amount of gloss.

As the pictures below, the depth of gloss, clarity and defect free paintwork after the 2 stages of polishing and refining.

Before any Ceramic coatings can be applied an IPA wipe over is done to ensure that no polishing oils or fillers are present and to give the paintwork and materials the best surface to adhere to and to show the true correction of the paintwork. Once done then we applied GYEON MOHS to the paintwork

The car received 2 layers of GYEON MOHS & GYEON CURE to the paintwork along with the add ons of a wheels off detail being coated with GYEON RIM.

The trims were prepped and coated with GYEON TRIM to give a deep, natural look and feel as well as the ultimate in protection and hydrophobicity.

The Glass received a cleanse and was sealed by GYEON VIEW giving a very hard and durable sealant to the glass making wet weather driving a lot safer due to water beading and rolling off the windows.

Tyres were prepped and dressed with GYEON TIRE

The interior received a detail to bring back the new look to it and prep the leather on the dash board and the seats ready for being sealed with GYEON Leather Shield

The results achieved from this detail were absolutely fantastic, The correction rate of the 2 stage machine polish ( Mild Correction ) we saw around 95%. The overall look of the paintwork looked a lot deeper and glossy with the added bonus of the GYEON MOHS doing what it does very well with making the metallic flake stand out ( Pop )

Below are the finished results from the 4 day detail it received