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BMW ALPINA B3 - Paintwork Protection Film & Gyeon Coatings

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Recently we had a brand new BMW ALPINA B3 through our doors

We organised a consultation with the owner to discuss various options to meet with how the car is planned on being used, How it will be maintained and the expectations of what can be achieved.

After our conversation the owner decided the best option was a mix off Paintwork Protection Film (PPF) and coatings throughout.


The first stage of the detail was the wash, decontamination and prep stages

This includes multiple stages of washing, liquid decontamination as well as physical decontamination in readiness correction.

With the vehicle sat on the wash bay we move onto the stages.


The first areas to prep were the arches and wheels using multiple products and equipment

This is followed by a rinse down to rid of any lose dirt and grime. This will ensure as much material that was on the car is removed prior to any other solutions being applied and keeping the car as clean as can be prior to each step. A snow foam pre wash is then applied which will soak into any remaining dirt and traffic film to soften and remove it making the decontamination stages more effective.

We move onto the decontamination stages which includes fallout and tar removers. When fallout is present the fallout remover will turn purple showing effective reaction and removal. At this stage we also use an APC to thoroughly clean all tight edges and trims to rid of any green, growth and dirt.

Once these stages are completed its on to the contact wash. Multiple buckets and wash mitts are used along with what we think the best all round shampoo Gyeon Bathe.

Following the wash stage the vehicle was then clay barred using a soft clay as the remaining contamination didn't need for anything harder.

A final rinse over and dry and the car was ready to be taken into the unit and be put up onto the ramps.


After an inspection of the paintwork we decided that a single stage machine polish was sufficient to achieve a defect free finish. This was completed using Gyeon Polish and a little cutting pad

After the machine polish stage were complete the vehicle was taken back outside onto the wash bay for a rinse down before going into our purpose built PPF studio.

The Alpina was to receive Track pack PPF in Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF.

The first section of Paintwork Protection Film to be fitted was a bulk install for the bonnet, With the badge remove and bonnet propped up we cleaned the panel down and moved onto laying the PPF to the bonnet.

After the bonnet was laid we worked through the entire front end, cills, A pillars and rear luggage section in Ultimate Plus PPF.

The following day we moved onto the application of Gyeon Duraflex Q2 Coating for the paintwork.

After the application of the paintwork coating it was then on to the glass treatment. We opted for the New Gyeon Quick View.

The Wheels were then removed to perform a wheels off detail, This service involves coating the whole wheel inside and out, clean and dress the wheel arches and protection applied where needed.


After all the exterior surfaces were protected then we move onto the interior. After a thorough hoover, deep clean of the leather and all interior surfaces we applied Gyeon Leather Shield to the half leather seats while also protecting the fabrics with Gyeon Fabric Coat

With all coatings and PPF completed a final check over to ensure there were no smears or high spots from the coating applications were present.

When we apply any PPF here at Flawless Detailing we like to spend alot of time to make sure all the edges of the PPF are heat sealed before it leaves so no lifting of the film which also ensures that there aren't any edges dirt and debris that can collect making for a poor looking Paintwork Protection Film install.


On this particular detail we had a 2 part video produced so you can see some of what goes into our work.

Please head over to our YouTube Channel and like, subscribe and comment if you dont already.

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