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Tesla Model 3 Long Range - Premium Sheild Elite PPF & Gyeon Coatings

As the value of vehicles goes up so does the need for protection. Paintwork Protection Film (PPF) is the only way to ensure the paintwork is protected from stone chips, abrasions and scratches while still making sure the maintenance is a breeze.

A very popular car to pass through the doors at Flawless Detailing is the Tesla Model 3.

After a consultation with our customer we devised a package to suit driving style, mileage and results wanted.

The package agreed included 2 stages of correction which we felt was the best route to achieve as near perfect finish on the paintwork as possible prior to the installation of PPF and coatings.

After the initial wash, prep and decontamination stages were completed, the vehicle was brought inside for the better inspection of the defects present. As with alot of vehicles these days, from factory certain areas had sanding marks and blemishes which needed localised correction.

When the paintwork correction was completed the vehicle went back out onto the wash bay for a rewash to make sure any polishing dust and oils were removed before the application of the PPF.

The areas of the car to receive PPF included - Bonnet, Headlights, Wings, Headlights, Lower sections of the 4 Doors, Cills, Day Running Lights and Rear Luggage Section

With our installation of PPF on the Model 3 the bonnet badge, side cameras/indicators and any necessary parts were removed prior to the install to aim for as near seamless and clean install as possible with all edges that would allow to be tucked.

Heat sealing the edges of PPF after they have dried is a must to make sure the edges dont lift and trapping any moisture or dust/dirt.

After the completed install we moved on to coating the paintwork and all exterior surfaces. The paintwork coating of choice - Gyeon Duraflex (Certified Detailer Only Coating) 5 year.

Following this we paid attention to the wheels, This particular model had hub caps aswell as fully finished wheels. The main wheel area received a light machine polish to enhance the overall look before the coating application and the hub caps being gloss on some areas and satin on others were prepped with Gyeon Prep and coated with Gyeon Rim and Trim.

The exterior trims were also protected with Gyeon Trim, On Model 3's the scuttle panel, rear lower bumper area, number plate surrounds and underside of cill are trims to be protected.

Moving onto the exterior glass, The whole centre of the vehicle from the scuttle panel to the rear boot is glass. To ensure the best durability of Gyeon View the glass on top and the sides were mechanically polished and prepared ready for Gyeon View.

The final piece to any detail is to make sure that the edges of any jointing panels, parts and heard reach parts are clean from polish residue and grime.

After a final inspection of the PPF and wipe down of the car its on to the final shots and walk round video.


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