Paintwork Protection Film

Mclaren MP4-12C, Premium Shield Full Car Coverage - Flawless Detailing Coventry

Paintwork Protection Film

Paintwork Protection Film

Flawless Detailing are Certified Premium Shield & Gyeon PPF installers.


Flawless Detailing  offer unrivalled Paintwork Protection Film from Premium Shield  and Gyeon. 

Our PPF is cut in house on state of the art plotting machines and custom made to fit various applications for a near invisible application depending on how complex your vehicle is.

Prices start from £1200

Premium Shield

Premium Shield paint protection films are the most effective paint protection worldwide. Patented, innovative technologies have helped create a product that provides maximum protection for paint while maintaining optical invisibility. Your vehicle is protected against the formation of chips, sandblasting, scratches, the harmful effects of chemicals, bird droppings, and other road hazards.

Gyeon PPF


Gyeon PPF Protect+ and Enhance are advanced paint protection films, offering ultimate protection against mechanical damage matched with outstanding water repellency, self-healing properties and gloss.

A highly self healing and resistant paint protection film complemented by a range of dedicated coating and maintenance products.

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