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Caliper Painting & Refinishing

Caliper & Hub Painting

Currently We Are Only Offering Caliper Painting & Refinishing As a Bolt On To Our Detailing Packages & Not As A Standalone Service

The Process 

Flawless Detailing offers a brake caliper painting service and will paint your calipers in any colour you wish, which can include colour matching and custom colours, new decals are applied on request these will be clear lacquered over so will remain permanent with no unsightly peeling off.


The Finish we achieve on our brake caliper painting service will out last that of standard finish calipers from the factory and will eclipse that of Porsche and other marquee models.


From £250 - Minimum 1 Day

There will be an additional cost for decals to be applied on average £25

- Vehicle lifted on scissor lift

- Sheeting up of the whole vehicle leaving only the the caliper and hub area free

- DA sanding and hand sanding to flatten imperfections and prep to a smooth finish prior to primer

- Air blown and brushed to rid of dust and metal particles 

- Degreasing and 99% IPA washed to ensure the surfaces are oil free and stripped of any residue that could hinder the painting stages

- 2 coats of etch primer followed by 2 coats of basecoat colour

- Decals applied if applicable

- 2 coats of 2K clear coat to protect, add deep gloss and a hard layer of protection

- Wheels applied back on the vehicle and wheels bolts torqued to manufacturers spec

- Final inspection to ensure the finish desired 

From £225 - Minimum 1 Day

Custom colours and special order paints will increase the price

Custom Decals will also increase the price

- Sometimes a perfectly flat and smooth finish cannot be achieved if the calipers and hubs are heavily pitted, Corroded dented or Manufacture cast rough. We will achieve in these circumstances the best results possible.

Caliper & Hub Painting - Whats involved
Recent Brake Calipers Refinishing 
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