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Level 3 Detail

Ceramic new car protection
BMW Alpina B3 - Xpel Full Car PPF & Gyeon Coatings - Solihull, Coventry, Flawless Detailin

The Process

The Correction detail is the perfect detail for you if you strive for near perfection. This detail consists of multiple stages of machine polishing using various compounds & polishes, The multiple correction stages are then followed by a refinement stage to give huge depth and shine to the natural finish of the paintwork on your vehicle.


The correction detail will leave your vehicle looking the best by maximising the true potential from paintwork.

We are frequently asked if 100% is possible, then answer is that it is very rarely possible. This is mainly due to very deep scratches which will remain the body, however with the polishing techniques used, they can be made a lot less visible by rounding the edges of the scratches.

Just like most of our higher details, this detail can save you body shop costs that you may think your vehicle needs, giving your pride and joy that new lease of life.

From £1300 - Minimum 5 Days +

-Prices are based from - This is dependant on vehicle size, condition and package/ add-ons chosen

Correction rate is a guide ONLY, Certain paint types, repairs will vary the correction level

- Tyres & arches cleaned & degreased

- Multi stage safe wash & 2 Bucket wash

- Clay bar and fallout remover used to rid of bonded contaminants 

- 3 stages of machine polishing to correct, enhance gloss and depth of paint work and correct heavy swirl marks and blemishes   (Depending on paint levels and severity of imperfections some marks may not be able to be removed or corrected)

- Gyeon Prep wipe down prior to protection

- Finished with Gyeon Base Type 1 (Certified Coating)

- Wheel off detail, Full wheel coated with Gyeon Rim

- Exterior glass coated with Gyeon View

- Tyres dressed

- Brightwork & Exhausts polished & coated *If Applicable 

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