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What Is Ceramic Coating

It's a solid transparent, slick and highly self-cleaning silica-based protective layer once crystallized.

It might be applied on any surface of your vehicle to provide the ultimate protection.

How Does A Ceramic Coating Work?

The layer might be very thin, but is extremely resistant. It is fully chemical resistant and can't be removed by polishing.

Being a liquid during application, the coating penetrates the porous structure of the paint and seals it. This does increase the slickness of any automotive paint enormously. A ceramic coating has great UV resistance, which prevents the paint from oxidation.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Ceramic Coating

It's not all about the looks! Of course, a well prepared and ceramic coated car looks amazing, as Gyeon coatings are very glossy and enhance the intensity of the paint. But you will notice most benefits on a daily basis.

The car will get dirty much slower, the usual maintenance wash will become less frequent. Your car will feel slick and will collect less dust and pollen. Paint will not oxidise, brake dust won't adhere to rims as much as before. Your paint will remain glossy as new for years.

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