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Wheel Refurbishment

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

At Flawless Detailing we offer many different services to compliment our detailing, One of our popular services is wheel refurbishment.

Wheel refurbishment doesn't just have to be for damaged alloys. Colour changes and custom work comes as part of this.

At Flawless Detailing we dont offer any inferior smart repairs or face only refurbs within any part of what we do.

Our wheel refurbishment is a full strip down service, from diamond cut finishes, polished lips to powder oem and custom one off colours. As part of this we can supply and fit new tyres and also offer newly refurbished wheels to be Ceramic coated prior to you picking them up.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating on wheels?

Gyeon Rim is dedicated wheel coating which bonds to any wheel type to form a glossy hydrophobic layer of protection on top of the material its applied to which helps against build up of brake dust making the wheel stay cleaner for longer and easier to maintain when washing. No use of harsh chemicals will be needed to remove brake dust and traffic film build up, A low ph wheel cleaner and a strong flow of water. It is recommended when contamination is present on the wheel to use Gyeon Iron. Average durability of Gyeon Rim 12 months + (Can be extended with a second layer)

OEM Finishes are a great way to keep the original look of your car or if you are changing your wheels and selling an original set

For more information on this service contact Flawless Detailing

Phone: 02476 422928 / 07854357885


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