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BMW M2 - Mild Correction and GYEON Quartz Coatings

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Flawless Detailing were lucky to have this great example BMW M2 in for our 2 stage mild correction detail

Over a 4 day period we transformed this M2.

With all our details a full multi stage wash and decontamination process is done to prep the car and rid of fallout, road grime and any materials built up in and on the paintwork. When these stages are completed it was brought inside the studio for a pat dry and hot air blow dry to dry all the panel gaps.

As part of this package chosen by the customer a request of paying attention to the wheel arches, calipers and engine bay was made to concentrate on these to cover all areas not easily accessible without the right equipment.

After these areas had attention paid to them we move on to all soft areas, runners and trims that were masked up prior to the cutting and polishing stages.

Various depth readings of the paintwork were taken around the car to ensure safe cutting stages and take the paint to a level that rid of the defects.

This particular M2 was very well maintained which in turn gave us the opportunity with 2 stages of correction to achieve as near as possible to full correction.


After the paintwork correction stages were finalised a thorough dust and wipe down was done to make sure a completely dust free application was achievable to reduce the risk of inducing any defects. Gyeon Prep wipe down is imperative before any Gyeon coating application to give an oil free surface for Gyeon coatings to bond to the paintwork.

Gyeon Duraflex (Certified Detailer Only Coating) had been the choice of coating for this particular detail.


When the application of Gyeon Duraflex was done we moved onto the preparation and application of Gyeon Trim, Rim, Preserve and View

After we applied all coatings fitment of the number plates, wheels and parts we took off to aid better correction and full coating application were fitted back.

Left to cure over night in the unit a final wipe down of all areas and the car was ready for its final photos and walk round video.

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