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Aston Martin Vantage S

Updated: May 31, 2021

Here at Flawless Detailing recently we took on a project for a customer who purchased a new to them Aston Martin Vantage S 2012.

After making contact with ourselves at Flawless Detailing we inspected the vehicle and devised a package to suit budget and customer needs.

We decided on a 2 stage mild correction detail which aims for an average correction rate of 80%.


The first steps of this and any detail consists of multiple stages of wash and decontamination.

The first areas to prep were the arches and wheels using multiple products and equipment

This is followed by a rinse down to rid of any lose dirt and grime. This will ensure as much material that was on the car is removed prior to any other solutions being applied and keeping the car as clean as can be prior to each step.

A snow foam pre wash is then applied which will soak into any remaining dirt and traffic film to soften and remove it making the decontamination stages more effective.

We move onto the decontamination stages which includes fallout and tar removers. When fallout is present the fallout remover will turn purple showing effective reaction and removal. At this stage we also use an APC to throughly clean the convertible roof and rid of any green, growth and dirt.

Once these stages are completed its on to the contact wash. Multiple buckets and wash mitts are used along with what we think the best all round shampoo Gyeon Bathe.

Following the wash stage the vehicle was then clay barred using a soft clay as the remaining contamination didnt need for anything harder.

A final rinse over and dry and the car was ready to be taken into the unit and be put up onto the ramps.

All trims and edges were masked up, wheels removed and grill slats stripped. The wheel arches steamed, cleaned and dressed.

The following day the correction stages started. Multiple paint depth readings were taken to make sure all panels were safe prior to the heavy cutting stages

After the cutting stages were completed it was in to the refining stages to rid of any micro marring and to enhance the gloss prior to Gyeon Duraflex being applied.

After many days and hours of paintwork correction it was time for coating the paintwork. As our preference Gyeon Duraflex was chosen.

A methodical application was achieved panel by panel while being checked under various light sources to make sure no smears and high spots were present.

Paintwork coating completed we moved onto the preparation and application of all the other coatings chosen within this package which included - Gyeon Trim, Rim and View.

The convertible roof was a priority to protect. After carefully sheeting the entire vehicle up to make sure the fabric protectant over spray didnt land and settle on the paintwork, Gyeon Fabric Coat was applied.

Moving onto the final steps of the detail before the finished shots we put the wheels back on safely ensuring the correct torque for the wheel bolts

The final stage of our details is to spend some time cleaning the edges of the badges panel gaps and hard to reach areas with a silica remover and micro swabs. This is to remove any built up grime and years worth of polishes and waxes.

Lowering the car down after dressing the tyres the car was completed, after many hours and hard work we had our good friend from shout about it media back in to finalise the photoshoot and promotional video we were having done.


Mobile: 07854357885

Office: 02476422928


Can’t wait for my 2016 Lexus to get its paint corrected and coated next week 👍🏼


Looks amazing

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