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Porsche Macan - Caliper colour change and refinishing

Here at Flawless Detailing we work on a vast number of calipers to enhance the overall appearance of vehicles and to finish the look off.

We recently had a year old Porsche Macan in for a caliper colour change and decals. The customer wanted to completely change the colour from the standard dull grey flat finish and white posrche decals to the bright Porsche speed yellow on the calipers and finish the look with gloss black decals.

With all of our caliper refinishing work a huge amount of stages are undertaken to prep and make sure the best base is achieved before any paints are applied. The results achieved on these calipers really made the vehicle stand out against the gloss white paintwork and diamond cut finished multi spoke wheels.

Below are some before and after shots of the difference made.

The colour used was Porsche speed yellow, we can colour match most paints to a code and you can choose any colours you wish giving you greater opportunity to have that look you desire.

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