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Flawless Detailing's PPF Unit Build

With the success of this service and customers wanting the very best protection for their vehicles it was inevitable we would have to have a purpose built PPF studio.

Over 12 months ago we set out to build just that. After alot of planning and designing we began work. We took on a space at our current address next door and decided on a single unit build with a purpose build graphics and cutting room up stairs.

From a blank canvas we started building the unit walls from 6inch concrete blocks and built to a total height of 6.2 metres.

We decided to build a hallway with custom made staircase and landing to the graphics room upstairs which gave us the opportunity to build a vast space under the stairs for storage.

After the main structure was built, roof on and all block work finished we spent some time designing how the floor joists, main timbers were going to be run to maximise how much weight could be put on the floor upstairs. We opted for 9x2 timbers with spacings of 400mm.

The widest part of the room started from 5.1 metres back from the front of the unit so we ran across with the joists bolted to the walls and braced to a doubled up 9x2 main timber. On the front half of the unit the timbers ran opposite to the rear.

After the main joist were fitted we moved on flooring with 18mm chipboard flooring. Each joint and board were fitted with expansion glue in-between the joints and run along each joist to make sure no movement of the boards which stops creaking

The next stage were first fix electrics. The lighting and socket set up took a while to plan along with emergency lighting cat5 cable to link via a poe and wireless access point fro. Our current unit.

With our lighting set ups we like to isolate each individual lighting set up per wall or set of lights to help with working on 1 area or whole areas. Also doing it this way is beneficial for photography and product shots. In total 46 lights were choosen and 21 double plug sockets.

One item wanted for this set up was climate controlled air conditioning with heat pump for climate control like our front unit. We formed a electrical cupboard to house the fuse board and aircon set up.

Moving onto plaster boarding we insulated the ceiling/floor with 100mm rockwool insulation then boarded the ceiling with 12.5mm plaster board with staggered joints. The existing external walls were rolled with PVA to help with any chance of damp that may occur.

All walls were dry walled (Dot and Dabbed) prior to plastering. We opted for a plastered finish to give a smooth and comfortable area to work.

While we waited for the plaster to dry out we moved onto the upstairs space. Forming a insulated stud wall up the stairway with a door way we felt a false ceiling with insulation then these areas plaster boarded was the best option.

It was time for decorating the downstairs unit out. After some thought a decision was made for Dulux Ultra Tough latex washable paint on the ceiling and walls. 4 coats later we were onto the second fix.

With the lighting set up we used spot lights, panel lights and linear lights and chose 4000k temperature to add warmth to the room. As the unit isnt being used for any correctional work we felt this option was the best all round.

Flooring we went for 500 x 500mm interlocking 7mm solid rubber tiles. Prior to this being laid some of the sub floor had to be self level and deeper expansion joints screeded with a 3.1 mix after being prepped with SBR to give a even finish

When the flooring was complete we had our new ramps dropped off. We chose the same ramps as our other set in the detailing unit from Automotech 3.2 mid rise this time as we surface mounted the ramps we bought the low rise extended ramps for lower vehicle access.

Ramps installed and set up all lights were fitted, tested and we then had the air-conditioning installed. Again we opted for the same set up as our detailing unit LG PC18SQ.NSK

Now the time for a clean down for the first PPF booking to go in the new unit. The first vehicle to grace the unit was a brand new Audi SQ7 for full car coverage.

With the new SQ7 in the unit we had our good friends from Shout About It Media in for a promotional video and photo shoot (coming soon)

Below are a few taster shots


We are very proud of the achievements we have made over the years, we like a task and building 2 units from the ground up is a big task for any small business along side the day to day running and growth.


Flawless Detailing are making alot of changes with our image and branding. We are currently having alot of photo shoots, promo videos and social media updates done.

Stay tuned and follow us on

Office: 02476422928

Mobile: 07854357885



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